SHARP 2017 season catering vacancies

Sedgeford Historical & Archaeological Research Project (SHARP) requires, for its 2017 season, a Catering Manager together with an assistant.

Our season will run from Sunday 2nd July through to Friday 11th August 2017 inclusive, with the catering team expected to be in attendance during the the week prior to commencement for commissioning of the kitchen and the week following to decommission.

The successful applicant will form part of the SHARP team and will live on site for the duration of the season.

We are based on part of the Sedgeford Hall Estate on the outskirts of the village of Sedgeford, near Hunstanton, Norfolk.

The successful applicant will provide breakfast, lunch and a two-course hot dinner. Morning and afternoon breaks will require tea, coffee etc. We do have eclectic mixes of dietary requirements which must be met.

Based on last season’s figures it is anticipated that catering for an average of 70 people per week for breakfast and evening meal. Lunch would be expected to cater for further 5-10 people as some of our volunteers stay off site.

We will pay the following remuneration

1. £10:00 per hour for Catering Manager.

2. £8:00 per hour for Assistant.

In addition, all meals and facilities will be provided.

The trustees have a budget for remuneration and this will be discussed with the successful applicant.

A budget for raw materials will be agreed for the season.

It is expected that applicants will provide sample menus for consideration.

To confirm your interest and for further information please contact our Site Director, Brian Fraser at

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