Vale the Enviro Tree


Alas, the Enviro Tree is no more – at least, not as we knew it.

You may recall last week’s rain had given its lean a distinct, and dangerous, new wobble:

Thursday: the enviro tree develops a threatening wobble

The leaning tree of enviro

The sudden roar of a chainsaw over lunch today heralded the tree doctors who had come to put it out of its misery. A few minutes later there was a crack, a heart-breaking groan, and a crash.



No longer will its dense branches give us relief from the sun, or (perhaps less endearingly) drop resin and crap all over us.

However, within minutes, those who felled it were already starting it on a new path as they chip-chopped it into useful chunks.

Choppity chop

Choppity chop

And, even more impressively, within the hour it had become furniture.

Instant plank


Instant bench

From fir to furniture – just add chainsaw

So we say farewell to the Enviro Tree as we knew it, and say thank you for the shade, its familiar shape on the field and even for the resin and crap it dropped on us so lovingly.

We now have a lot of wood – always useful – and a few ideas on how we can immortalise the Enviro Tree forever.

To help us out, if you have a nice photo of the Enviro Tree in its prime, please send it to us at our new email address for photos: We have plans…



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